ART GLASS                                                                                                                                    SUSAN OTTO-BAIN



Terminal city glass co-OP

1191 Parker Street, Mergatroid Building

The Gail Patriarche Gallery overlooks the harbour and is located in the unique UNESCO Town of Lunenburg, about 100 kms. south of the city of Halifax on Nova Scotia’s South Shore 

2019 Events:

I have spent the last few years focused on taking classes and just having fun developing my skills and style (and working my day job to pay for it all).  This year I am going to some shows again and showcasing what I have been working on.  

I grew up in East Vancouver and I'm super excited to partcipate in the Eastide Culture Crawl for the first time.  As a working member of Terminal City Glass Co-Op, I will have a booth there, along with some amazing glass artists.  Come by and watch the live glass blowing in action!  If you have never been to the Crawl, you should check it out. 100's of East Van artists will have their studios open to the public - you will be amazed at the thriving arts community!